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Garbage Getters
Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine, April 2010

You may print Garbage Getters children's pages from the Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine. We hope you'll consider a subscription to our magazine. Be sure to check out the Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine special offer for teachers. And please let us know your suggestions for future issues at:

Suggested Topics: regions of Texas, geography, settlement, history, plants and animals, diversity, adaptation, conservation

Related 4th Grade TEKS:

Social studies:
4.23 B, C, D: Social Studies Skills : Communicates in Written, Oral and Visual Forms
4.12 B: Economics : Impact of Supply and Demand in Free Enterprise
4.1 A: Scientific Processes: Conducts Field and Laboratory Investigations
4.2 A, B, C, D: Scientific Processes: Develops Abilities to do Scientific Inquiry in Field and Laboratory
4.3 A, C: Scientific Processes: Uses Critical Thinking and Scientific Problem Solving to Make Informed Decisions
4.4 A, B: Scientific Processes: Use a variety of tools and methods to conduct science inquiry.
4.5 A, B: Science Concepts : Parts Removed from Complex Systems
Language Arts:
4.27 A: Listening, Speaking, Purposes : Listens Actively and Purposefully in a Variety of Settings

Discussion Questions


Create a compost bin!

Create a worm habitat.

Learn how long things take to decompose in this Marine Debris timeline. Do a litter clean up and sort what you find. How long will things take to decompose? What is the source of the litter? What can nature's clean up crew handle? How can your school/community prevent or decrease human litter?

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