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No Place Like Home
Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine, December 2008

No Place Like Home offers several looks at how wildlife fulfill their need for shelter. You may print No Place Like Home children's pages from the Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine. We hope you'll consider a subscription to our magazine. Be sure to check out the Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine special offer for Teachers. And please let us know your suggestions for future issues at:

Suggested Topics: habitat needs, adapting to an environment, human impacts, survival, learned and inherited traits

Related 4th Grade TEKS: Geography: Understand regions 4.7A; How people adapt to and modify their environment 4.9A; Science: Complex systems may not work if some parts are removed. Roles of some organisms in living systems such as plants in a schoolyard 4.5A; Predict and draw conclusions about what happens when part of a system is removed 5B; Adaptations may increase the survival of members of a species, characteristics that allow members within a species to survive and reproduce 4.8A; Likenesses between offspring and parents are inherited or learned, 4.9A,B; Art: Expresses ideas through original artworks 4.2 A, B.

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